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YogPathshala is a blend of traditional yoga with modern teachings and a new lifestyle.
Yoga has the power to keep a person fit and healthy, both physically and mentally.

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It can be difficult to find the time to take care of our health. But at YogPathshala, we offer interesting and engaging yoga sessions that will help you relax, feel energized, and perform your daily activities better.

Yoga means Union! Union of Breath, Body and Mind! When there’s a union between all three then there’s Harmony in Nature! One feels better and happier!

Welcome to YogPathshala, where you can embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and well-being.

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, our courses are designed to meet your individual needs and aspirations. Our team of experienced and committed instructors will guide you through a diverse range of yoga styles, techniques, and practices, all with an emphasis on safety, alignment, and personal development.

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Healthy Lifestyle A joyful investment in your
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Yoga is not just the Asanas, it's a way of Living~YogPathshala

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What our clients say about us

Mahima Ray
Mahima Ray
Early morning sessions are so mindful! I enjoy my yoga classes here.
b sri
b sri
Very good teaching of yoga suited to the capacity of individuals with focus and commitment. Thanks for the very good learning opportunity
Anjali Bhale
Anjali Bhale
Doing yoga with Anindh is a great experience His way of teaching is amazing . Each class is different. My physical strength increased since from i joined yogpathshala
Venkatesh Panchal
Venkatesh Panchal
This was a Dream come true for me!!!! Anindh is equal to Yoga. As he says its not just the postures but also why behind the posture..how to improve the postures. YogPathshala has everything one needs- complete guided help on this path. I strongly recommend for people of all age groups. Anindh has that peculiar way of connecting with people heart to heart , this makes the interactions and teachings highly effective and not to forget 100% FUN filled even in early morning hours. Don't just think...just Sign up right away & Get Set Yo(ga)!!!
Bhagirathi Mistry
Bhagirathi Mistry
Intense, deep, smooth, calm, serene, meditative experience. The instructions for asanas are clear, precise and the observation of posture is keen and accurate. The culmination of each session is deep relaxation. The continuity in the sessions is like weaving of silk, smooth and beautiful. The best place to be for Yog! ❤
hari kandari
hari kandari
Anindh bhai comes with a thorough knowledge, years of experience and expertise of practicing Yog(a). Despite his deep understanding on the subject he presents it in a very easy-to-understand manner. His knack of giving personal attention even in virtual medium makes the flow very easy. With his guidance I think I know my mind and body a little better. There are multiple facets of fitness which I wasn't aware of and this experience made me a bit more aware of those facets. If anyone wants to know a little more about correct postures, flexibility, mindfulness, pranayama, kriyas, asanas, do give it a shot. Strongly recommended!

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